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Max Emanuel Cencic and Il Pomo d'Oro | Riccardo Minasi

In his new programme, Venezia, Max Emanuel Cencic presents sublime arias from baroque Venice, written by composers such as Antonio Vivaldi, Francesco Gasparini, Tomaso Albinoni  and Antonio Lotti for operas that have unjustly disappeared from the world’s stages.

Having researched a rich library of manuscripts, the celebrated countertenor Max Emanuel Cencic has chosen twelve of the finest arias of the Venetian baroque. His programme Venezia evokes all the drama, intrigue and emotion of opera in La Serenissima.

Accompanying Cencic, both on stage and in the recording of the recital, is the ensemble Il Pomo D’Oro.

Recording sessions for Venezia took place in August 2012 and release on Parlophone is scheduled for January 2013.

See the concert via ARTE live web.


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2: Mormorando Quelle Fronde


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25 01 2013


Max Emanuel Cencic
Musical director: Riccardo Minasi
Orchestra: Il Pomo d'Oro