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Gluck Opera Arias

Daniel Behle and Armonia Atenea | George Petrou

In the world of opera the artistic achievement of singers and their fellow musicians can create a special, incendiary chemistry with an audience. There is nothing like that magical moment of silence at the end of a marvellous aria before the first cries of ‘Bravo!’ ring out.

For his Gluck recital the German tenor Daniel Behle has chosen glorious arias by a master of the 18th century – Christoph Willibald Gluck – that are sure to elicit a rapturous response, especially when performed by one of the finest lyric tenors of our time.

Behle has been compared to such tenor legends as Fritz Wunderlich, Richard Tauber and Anton Dermota, praised for his “bright, supple and warm timbre” and his natural musicality (Fono Forum, August 2012). The beauty of his tone is complemented by the probing nature of his interpretations as he captures the emotions of each character with captivating psychological insight, playing in a masterly fashion with the colours of the music. Familiar arias are transformed into a new and moving experience.

Accompanied by the superb Armonia Atenea under George Petrou, a conductor with a fast-growing international reputation, this concert stands to be an unforgettable occasion. bravissimo!


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Gluck Opera Arias

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13 06 2014
Gluck Opera Arias
Gluck Opera Arias
Christoph Willibald Gluck


Daniel Behle
Musical director: George Petrou
Orchestra: Armonia Atenea