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Music is the language of emotions. 

Emmanuel Kant

Parnassus Arts Productions came into being in 1999.  Dedicated to classical music, we act as both an artist agency and as a production company.  Beyond working with musicians to shape their careers, we revive forgotten operas which, through both live performances and recordings, gain vital new currency with an ever-growing audience

The way we work echoes the practice of the baroque period, when an opera would be staged, promoted and toured by an impresario and his company. In this repertoire, where attention to detail is of the essence, this approach remains a gauge of excellence.

Always adhering to the highest artistic standards, Parnassus Arts Productions manages every aspect of a project, from selecting the artists and organising the recording to the design and imagery for the finished product.

In recent years we have collaborated with a growing number of major artists and with Europe’s most prestigious concert halls and opera houses. The enthusiastic response of both critics and audiences has endorsed our ambitions and consolidated the relationship between Parnassus’ artists and musical organisations around the world.

As barriers between art-forms fall, the potential for opera is growing internationally. In this dynamic environment, Parnassus Arts Productions conceives and realises projects that excite a spirit of discovery in both artists and audiences.


>Recorded production

The production of CDs is an essential part of our activities, showcasing our artists and creating a wider audience for their performances in concert and opera.

We are involved with every aspect of our recording projects, from selecting the cast and initiating collaboration with record companies through to marketing and selling the CDs. Over the years we have achieved a considerable reputation with the world’s leading performance venues and labels.

>Stage production

We focus our energies on reviving rare or unknown works, the majority of which have not been staged for centuries.

When organising concert performances or mounting an opera we take charge of the entire project, ensuring that it meets our standards and fulfils the audience’s expectations. We source investment, find partners, create the brochure and plan the touring schedule.

All in all, we look after every detail. Our aim is to bring the work back to life in the best possible conditions and with maximum artistic impact.

>Artist management

Only through the advocacy of the finest artists can a rare work find new life on the stage and make a lasting impression through a recording. Parnassus Arts Productions has made a speciality of being the first to discover and present new talent.

Not only do we enjoy close and rewarding relationships with the stars of today, we nurture the stars of tomorrow.  As they develop artistically and build their international reputations, Parnassus’ artists benefit from our personal support and from our links to the world’s opera houses and concert halls. 

We believe that we have a duty to bring a new generation of artists to the attention of audiences everywhere. With their youth and energy, these musicians reflect the vitality of the musical works we encourage the world to rediscover.

Georg Lang - general management & owner -

After completing his baccalaureat at a high school in Vienna Georg Lang studied Business Information Systems at the University of Vienna and the Technical University Vienna. During his studies he discovered his passion for Event Management and organised a large number of sporting events. This brought him to Baden bei Wien, were he worked as of 1988 as Secretary for the Badener Trabrennverein (Badener Trotting Races Association). From 1999 on until 2004 he managed the summer trotting races. From 2003 until 2007 he worked in the management of Magna Racino. He founded the agency PARNASSUS ARTS PRODUCTIONS in 1999 and it exists in its present structure since 2001. The main activities of the agency are artists management, baroque and opera productions, concerto projects, tour planning as well as CD productions. Georg Lang was the Executive Director for the award-winning productions Faramondo, Farnace, Artaserse, Alessandro, Venezia, Caffarelli, among others. Further works of Georg Lang as Executive Director include the productions Rokoko, Tamerlano and Siroe released in 2014. For 2015 he plans to produce The 5 Countertenors, Catone in Utica, Arie Napoletane, Adriano in Siria und Arminio.

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Max Emanuel Cencic - artistic director -

Max Emanuel Cencic started his career as singer at the age of 6. After being part of the Wiener Sängerknaben (Vienna Boys' Choir) he begann singing as solo-soprano, and from 2001 on as countertenor. Parallel to his singing career he studied International Law and Economic Sciences in Great Britain, worked as promoter for Pop-events, and in 1999 started Parnassus Arts Productions with Georg Lang. As art director of Parnassus he is now responsible for the concept, the oversight and the performances of important works of the Italian baroque opera, among them Leonardo Vinci's almost forgotten opera Artaserse. Max Emanuel Cencic directed the rediscovery and CD-recording of the following baroque operas: Faramondo, Farnace, Alessandro, Catone in Utica, Siroe (by Hasse), Adriano in Siroe, Scipione, Arminio, Ottone, and Germanico in Germania, and he, among other projects, had the idea ad made the program for Franco Fagioli's award winning CD Caffarelli.


Jérémie Lesage - production and artist manager -

Jérémie Lesage begins his vocal training from an early age at the École maîtrisienne régionale des Pays de Loire, France. At age 15, he joins the Conservatoire d’Angers where he is awarded four years later with a gold medal. Then, he studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London (Bachelor of Music and Opera running), before joining the Flanders Opera Studio in Belgium (Postgraduate diploma in opera performance). Jérémie Lesage has also graduted with a Bachelor of Musicology at Tours’ University, France. Rapidly, Jérémie Lesage focuses on the professionalization of young opera talents. Driven by a strong entreprenerial spirit, he develops his own market vision of the opera world through various projects: he launches a contemporary ensemble in England (indexEnsemble - 2001), a baroque ensemble in France (Les Furies d’Euterpe - 2006) and the Festival Off and Back in Venelles. In 2006, Jérémie Lesage acts as artistic director for the first édition of 'Les Heures musicales de Chambord’. In 2007, he decided to launch NEO (New European Opera) a company dedicated to the promotion of young opera professionals. Since 2008, he acts as NEO’s artistic director. In January 2013, Jérémie Lesage is thrilled to join Parnussus Arts Productions as production manager.

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Silvia Purcar - personal assistant -

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Georg Dinhobl - accounting -

Born in Vienna in 1973, Mag. Georg Dinhobl studied economic sciences at the University of Vienna, after graduating from Vienna's Billrothgymnasium. He wrote his dissertation externally, at the Institute for Cultural Management of the University for Music and Applied Arts, about the potential effects of online sales on the music industry. In addition to his job as accountant and trainer in accounting, he works as independent actor and DJ.

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