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Meine Schönsten Weihnachtslieder

Daniel Behle and Oliver Schnyder Trio & friends

For my family and me, Christmas is a celebration of tranquility and inner peace, and an opportunity to focus on the essentials of life as well as to gain strength for the unessentials. As professional musician, making music together with
my friends is an integral part of this celebration. There will be no Christmas without Bach’s Oratorium, nor without performances on public Christmas markets.

However, I must confess, that, over the last decades, the theme of this Holy Time became too noisy and too big for me. Subtle and delicate aspects are being pushed aside.
Out of this personal experience came, after one year of preparation, my Christmas Album, which, after Mein Hamburg, is the second programme entirely edited and recomposed by me. Together with my trusted six man band we want to revive the spirit of Christmas house music, in order to celebrate the feast of feasts in a critical, humorous, yet truthfull manner.
Does this sound like there could be no surprises in this programme based on traditional songs?
Well, think again.
As Richard Wagner said, “Kinder, schafft Neues!” (“Young ones, create something new!”)
The master has spoken, and Behle will comply... 


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Soloist: Daniel Behle, tenor

Orchestra: Oliver Schnyder Trio & friends