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Max Emanuel Cencic and Armonia Atenea | George Petrou

Rokoko: homage to a forgotten master

With his new programme entitled Rokoko, the celebrated countertenor Max Emanuel Cencic presents a selection of arias by Johann Adolf Hasse, who, though in his lifetime more famous than his contemporary Handel, remained a modest man of great achievement, and such an Italianised German that he was known throughout Europe as Il caro Sassone ("the dear Saxon").

Living from 1699 to 1783, Hasse’s music epitomises the elegance and grace of the Rococo, a period of transition between Baroque and Classical styles. Happily married for over forty years to the famous soprano Faustina Bordoni, his vocal writing demonstrates an unsurpassed familiarity with the human voice in all its moods. Cencic’s remarkable histrionic power and brilliant vocal technique form the ideal vehicle to present this forgotten master’s music to modern-day audiences.

This recital, in which Cencic is accompanied by Armonia Atenea and George Petrou, will be released by Decca in January 2014.

05: Siam navi all onde


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10 01 2014 Rokoko


Max Emanuel Cencic
Musical director: George Petrou
Orchestra: Armonia Atenea