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The Gala Night of Countertenors

A concert program with M. E. Cencic | X. Sabata | Y. Mynenko | V. Yi | V. Sabadus | G. Petrou | Armonia Atenea

Five of the most renowned counter-tenors bring the rich world of Baroque opera back to life. They show the expressive variety of this unique genre. The programme reflects the highs and lows of human emotions and each of these exceptional artists uses his individuality to broaden the spectrum of passions.
A special opportunity to experience these five singers performing together in one evening. In direct comparison, the individuality of their voices becomes apparent.
Perfection in all its diversity!


02: O di spietati numi più spietato ministro! (X. Sabata)

The 5 Countertenors

05: Ti parli in seno amore (V. Yi)

The 5 Countertenors

06: Ch'io parta? (Y. Mynenko)

The 5 Countertenors

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19 03 2015
The 5 Countertenors
The 5 Countertenors


Max Emanuel Cencic | Xavier Sabata | Yuriy Mynenko | Vince Yi | Valer Sabadus
Musical director: George Petrou
Orchestra: Armonia Atenea

A. Vivaldi | C.W. Gluck | G.F. Haendel | N. Porpora | D. Perez | B. Galuppi