Porpora (Fagioli)
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Porpora (Fagioli)

Franco Fagioli and Alessandro De Marchi | Academia Montis Regalis

Nicola Porpora (1686-1768) was a major figure in late Italian baroque opera, with a career in Italy, Vienna, Dresden and London spanning almost seven decades. During his lifetime, he was as well-known for his work as a singing teacher as for his compositions, being responsible for the training of many famous singers, especially the castrati Farinelli, Caffarelli and Salimbeni, and the soprano Regina Mingotti. Late in life he taught composition to the young Joseph Haydn. With his unrivalled knowledge of the human voice, it is no surprise that his vocal music is supremely congenial to sing, whether in seemingly endless cantilena or furious coloratura. It is hard to imagine a finer singer to revive Porpora’s beautiful music than the extraordinary counter-tenor Franco Fagioli, whose unrivalled abilities in both sostenuto and bravura styles make him an ideal interpreter of this repertoire.The brilliant conductor Alessandro De Marchi and his Academia Montis Regalis are accompanying the young Argentinian singer on their first artistic collaboration.
The CD is due to be published by NAÏVE in September 2014.

Polifemo: Alto Giove


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05 09 2014
Nicola Antonio Porpora


Franco Fagioli
Musical director: Alessandro De Marchi
Orchestra: Academia Montis Regalis