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Alessandro Nell’Indie

Leonardo Vinci

Dramma per musica in three acts by Leonardo Vinci.
Text by Pietro Metastasio

World Premiere since 1740 with an all-male cast after the model of the first performance.

The plot of Alessandro nell’Indie revolves around love affairs: Alexander the Great (Alessandro) loves the Indian queen Cleofide, who, however, has promised her heart to King Poro, who had been defeated by Alexander – an emotionally charged drama is spun out interwoven with love, intrigue, jealously and forgiveness. Since women were prohibited from the stage in the church-state, Vinci composed Alessandro nell’Indie exclusively for male singers. The premiere of Vinci’s penultimate opera marked up a huge success particularly for the star castrati Farfellino, in the role of Cleofide, and Giuseppe Appiani in the role of Poro’s sister Erissena.


07 09 2022

ALESSANDRO NELL'INDIE (staged by Max Emanuel Cencic)

09 09 2022

ALESSANDRO NELL'INDIE (staged by Max Emanuel Cencic)

11 09 2022

ALESSANDRO NELL'INDIE (staged by Max Emanuel Cencic)

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Poro: Franco Fagioli 
Cleofide: Bruno de Sá
Erissena: Jake Arditti
Alessandro: Dennis Orellana
Gandarte: Stefan Sbonnik
Timagene: Nicholas Tamagna 

conductor: Martyna Pastuszka
orchestra: {oh!} Orkiestra

staging: Max Emanuel Cencic
set designer: Domenico Franchi
costumes: Giuseppe Palella
lighting designer: David Debrinay
choreographie: Sumon Rudra