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L. Vinci

Following the exceptional success of Faramondo and Farnace, Parnassus Arts Productions is delighted to present Vinci’s Artaserse. One of the principal works of this almost forgotten composer, Artaserse represents a major discovery for the world of baroque opera.

Vinci’s was the first of many 18th century settings of a libretto by Metastasio, inspired by the story of the Persian emperor Artaxerxes; other composers who followed suit included such celebrated names as Hasse, Johann Christian Bach, Galuppi and Scarlatti. A great success at its premiere at Rome’s Teatro delle Dame on 4th February 1730, Artaserse proved to be Vinci’s last work for the lyric stage - he died later in the year. Since a Papal edict forbade women from appearing on stage in Rome, all the female roles were played by castrati. In recognition of this, Parnassus Arts Productions has cast both male and female roles with countertenors, among them Max Emanuel Cencic et Philippe Jaroussky, always a guarantee for vocal virtuosity.


Artaserse Nancy 2012, Photo 3751
Artaserse Nancy 2012, Photo 3637
Artaserse Nancy 2012, Photo 5093
Artaserse Nancy 2012, Photo 3506
Artaserse Nancy 2012, Photo 2783
Artaserse Nancy 2012, Photo 2626
Artaserse 2014, Cologne: poster
Artaserse 2014, Cologne: Franco Fagioli and Valer Sabadus
Artaserse 2014, Cologne: circuit applause
Artaserse 2014, Cologne: Diego Fasolis, Concerto Köln, Vince Yi
Artaserse 2014, Cologne: Fagioli, Sabadus, Yi
Artaserse 2014, Cologne: Max Emanuel Cencic
Artaserse 2014, Cologne: Yi, Fasolis, Cencic, Juan Sancho
Artaserse 2014, Cologne: Valer Sabadus and Yuriy Mynenko
Artaserse in Versailles: Franco Fagioli and Juan Sancho
Artaserse in Versailles: Franco Fagioli and Juan Sancho
Artaserse in Versailles: M. E. Cencic and F. Fagioli rehearsing
Artaserse in Versailles: rehearsal stage
10 May 2014, Amsterdam: Concertgebouw
10 May 2014, Amsterdam: dress rehearsal
10 May 2014, Amsterdam: D. Behle, F. Fagioli, V. Sabadus, Y. Mynenko
10 May 2014, Amsterdam: M. E. Cencic and F. Fagioli
10 May 2014, Amsterdam: M. E. Cencic
10 May 2014, Amsterdam
10 May 2014, Amsterdam: standing ovations
10 May 2014, Amsterdam: V. Sabadus, Y. Mynenko, G. Lang, V. Yi
10 May 2014, Amsterdam: Max Emanuel Cencic and Georg Lang
1.7: Aria: Fra cento affanni (Arbace)

Artaserse – Franco Fagioli

2.10: Aria: Se d'un amor tiranno (Mandane)

Artaserse – Max Emanuel Cencic

3.7: Aria: Ardito di renda (Megabise)

Artaserse – Yuriy Mynenko

3.9: Aria: Figlio se più non vivi (Artabano)

Artaserse - Daniel Behle

Tu Vuoi Ch'io Viva O Cara (Arbace, Mandane)

Artaserse - Duetto

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14 03 2014 Artaserse (DVD)
Artaserse (DVD)
Artaserse (DVD)
Leonardo Vinci
12 10 2012 Artaserse
L. Vinci


Artaserse: Philippe Jaroussky * (2012) / Vince Yi (2014)
Mandane: Max Emanuel Cencic *
Artabano: Daniel Behle * | Juan Sancho
Arbace: Franco Fagioli *
Semira: Valer Sabadus *
Megabise: Yuriy Mynenko *

Musical director: Diego Fasolis *
Concerto Köln *

Stage director: Silviu Purcarete
Set: Helmut Stürmer

* CD recording